Not only must we be good,

but we must also be good for something.

-Henry D. Thoreau

Representing USA at the World Duathlon Championships will be a fantastic, patriotic honor!  Not only will I do my best performing with our country's strong team, I will also be over the top with promoting health & happiness to anyone who wants to listen.  I am all about throwing down actions, not just words.  Please help me get to Spain without the stress of money, so I may represent USA 200%.  

Helping is easy; please visit the Registry page to check out items needed, then choose if & what you want to bless your dedicated USA athlete with :)

Thank you with all my heart for all you 'DU' for me in this adventure!!

Feel free to visit my website for updates & other useful information:

-Christine (cheetahgirl) Quantz

PS: Your donation may be a tax write off for you...good stuff for all!

Clocked in & working hard!
A Truth!
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